Painting done at Tom Thomson’s Jack Pine painting site


Now, the story of this painting. you saw in the last photo that I had my setup ready to go. Papertowels, paint box, painting glove, brushes and a beautiful spot to paint. So, I sit down to paint and realize one thing. I can’t find my canvas. I canoed across to this site, set up and had forgotten to bring a canvas. Now, what to do…Well, I decided since I was almost done to paint this painting in the actual box. So, my painting of Jack Pine, as small as it is, is in my paintbox. The paint box I had been hauling around for 3 years and had at this point painted 147 paintings. So, this painting and my paintbox is now part of the 150 painting collection. Forever linked together. I used a separate board palette as well so the paints you see here are the paints I used for the painting as well. I Kind of like that they are one now. That is the story of painting 147, and my ole antique paint box.